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For 21-year-old singer/songwriter Kate Kurdyak, music has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember. Kate made her first foray into songwriting at the age of 12. In 2012, Kate and her band won Youthink Magazine’s BC’s Best Teen Band Contest and played in the Summer Playland Festival at the PNE where she met 
Jonathan Simkin, who would become her manager. She went on to sign a record deal with 604 Records and form The Katherines.
Using a myriad of producers and co-writers to create a record with a deep tapestry of categories, Kate Kurdyak and her band perform and record songs that never quite settle on a style, which in the current singles-only universe makes faultless sense. Her music touches on power pop and breathy, piano ballads, but also can dig as deep into the zeitgeist as to present the occasional noir-N-b cut. Throughout all of her catalogue, there is still a voice of tender and gentle popscapes that remind us of what we found true and bold about being young.   

That’s not to say Kate Kurdyak makes revisionist music. The twenty-one-year-old Vancouverite offers up an incredibly contemporary angle on what pop music is today; a point in time where any genre goes as long as there is a thread that combines the songs. That thread is her angelic voice and frank lyrics that provide a mature, third person perspective on growing up today and what that means for a rising pop star. If you want to be reminded of what music has meant to you in the past, and what it can provide going forward, then Kate Kurdyak and her band The Katherines are waiting to be discovered.